Calgary Firefighter Stairclimb


On May 1st of this year, I will be taking on one of my biggest physical challenges ever: Myself and two teams of firefighters from Kananaskis will be participating in the Calgary Firefighter Stairclimb, a fundraiser for Wellspring Calgary. We will be climbing the Bow Tower in Calgary in full firefighting gear.

Wellspring Calgary is  a charitable organization that helps people living with cancer. It offers support in whichever way they need it most, and best of all they charge no fees and their services are available to anyone with any type of cancer at any stage. For more information on Wellspring, click here.

 For more information on the stairclimb itself, check out the website:

Why am I doing the Stairclimb? Why climb over 1200 steps up with more than 50lbs of gear? The answer is an emotional one: In the last couple of years, I have lost a number of family members and friends to cancer. Watching your loved ones die from something that can’t be cured is the worst feeling in the world. How do you handle that emotionally? I don’t really have an answer on that. For me, this Stairclimb will be a way to help me come to terms with losing people whom I loved dearly. Participating in this Stairclimb is also a way to make sure that programs like Wellspring are around down the road, so that more families can find help and support in their time of need.

I know that when May 1st rolls around, and I am standing looking up at the Bow Tower wondering what the heck I was thinking when I signed up for this, my team will be there to support each other and cheer for eachother, but more than that, I know that I have angels looking down on me, rooting for me to make it to the top.

To help support my fundraising goals, please click here.

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