If you had asked me two years ago if I ‘yondered’, I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy. But then I found Yonder. Instagram is great for perusing photos, but if you truly love the outdoors, Yonder is where it’s at.


Yonder, the apps own words, ‘A community that inspires adventure.’ Much like all other social media platforms, when you download Yonder, you set yourself up a profile, you pick which outdoor activities you are most interested in, and then you can start browsing by activity, location or popularity of the photos. All the photos on Yonder are of breathtaking outdoor locations, whether it be the Rocky Mountains, a tropical beach, or someone in their own backyard. The entire community exists to inspire each other to get outside, to spend quality time in nature and simply to enjoy yourself.

One of my favourite parts of the app is that the people who created it aren’t faceless, nameless people whom you will never see, they are active members in the Yonder community.

There has even been a spin off to the Yonder App on a facebook, a group called Yonder Buds where yonderers can chat, share stories and post more photos. The entire group is so incredibly positive, reading through the feed will be one of the best parts of your day. This group also plans Yonder Meet Ups, all over the US and Canada, getting Yonderers together to camp, hike and get to know each other in person. This is an app that will make you feel connected to real people.

When I joined Yonder, I made contact with some truly incredible outdoors people, from all over the world. I love logging into the app and seeing what all these wonderful people are doing from day-to-day.

I found myself posting more and more on Yonder, checking it a couple times a day whenever I needed a quick pick me up. Last spring, when Yonder reached out to me and asked me to come on board as an Ambassador, I was incredibly flattered and of course said yes. I love meeting people out hiking and telling them about the incredible community that is Yonder. Since last spring, my life has grown increasingly more busy, but I still find time to log onto Yonder at least once a day and see what everyone is up to. Seeing all these beautiful photos inspires me to keep getting outside.

Check out Yonders website today to download the app: www.Yonder.it

If you’re on Yonder, I am @ThatCanadianGirl

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