Calgary Firefighter Stairclimb 2017

I know that I havent posted on here in.. months… but life has been pretty insane over the last little while. It feels like pretty much all I do is work and workout and try to cram some sleep in there along the way. Brace yourself for an onslaught of posts and photos now that spring is upon us. Over the winter, I was honestly too busy or sick (nasty flus went around this winter!) to even get out and do much in the way of photography but now that things are greening up and the wildflowers are coming out.. that is changing! In the meantime, let’s talk about the YYC Stairclimb…

Today is exactly one week since the Calgary Firefighters Stairclimb and I finally have time to sit down and post the photos from it.

What a day! This year, Kananaskis Emergency Services had a team of 9 firefighters representing our valley, while my friends over at Redwood Meadows had the largest team, with 16 firefighters at the climb. Here are some photo highlights from the day:


All of Kyles and my gear packed up and ready to go the night before the climb


Standing under the Bow Tower, looking up and knowing that that is how high you have to climb… it’s a little intimidating


The opening ceremonies on the morning of the climb


Part of our team just prior to the climb


This was taken on the 18th floor of the climb


Kyle and I at the halfway mark! 



Looking down at the Calgary Tower from the top of the Bow


Selfie from after the climb; I was a pretty gross sweaty mess, but it felt great to be done!


Our official team photo from after the climb!


This challenge coin was awarded to everyone who completed the climb


A couple of the Redwood fire guys getting ready for the climb



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