Couch to 5K

I have never been a very good runner.

Let’s be honest… I hate running.

But unfortunately, if I ever want to get hired on as a full-time firefighter, it is something I need to learn to love. If you make running fun, I am all over it. Like obstacle races? Yes, please! I love Spartan races! But when it comes to just running to run… ew.

So on top of my current gym plan for weight lifting, which just had me doing one day of cardio a week, and boxing, I have started using an app called Couch to 5k. It starts you out slow, running mixed with intervals of walking and gradually works you up to more and more actual running. I started doing this with a fellow firefighter, but joined part way through his program in like week 3, so I decided to do things right and start myself from the beginning (this is partly due to him sleeping through the run we had planned this morning, thanks Mike :P).

Today I completed the official Day 1 of C2-5K. The intervals were one minute of running followed by a minute thirty of walking for a total of thirty minutes. I was reminded of the fact that running is 90% mental for me. It would be so easy to make excuses for why I didn’t need to run, or other things I could be doing, but once I get started and get into stride, I have to admit that it felt good. I started off the first running intervals doing a light jog and by the final intervals was going at a full run. Running feels good. It feels good to see what your body is capable of. I look forward to seeing my running improve and want to run a 5k race this fall. I’m not sure which one yet, but I will try to find something fun. If you have suggestions for a fun 5k in the Calgary/Canmore area, drop your suggestion in the comments!


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