David Thompson Country

You might have heard the plan announced this week to develop new provincial parks in the area between Banff and Rocky Mountain House. If you haven’t, then you should read about here. Its incredibly exciting to be developing this area in order to better manage it and also to better protect it. The development of this area is being compared to when Kananaskis Country was formed, which I happen to think is incredible but will admit to being biased about 😉

I will admit that I have not spent nearly enough time exploring that area, but about a month ago went on a mini road trip to explore. Here are some of my favourite photos from David Thomson Country:

Christmas Lights: Spruce Grove

I LOVE Christmas. Like love love love Christmas.

I have ever since I was a young kid. To me, Christmas was always about family traditions. My parents wedding anniversary is December 19th, and we always spent the weekend closest to that date in Ottawa going to artisan craft shows, museums, eating dinner in the Byward Market and seeing the Christmas lights on Parliament Hill.

For the holiday itself, we would always have dinner at my grandfathers house on Christmas Eve, a totally informal potluck dinner where the family crowded the living room and visited with each other while watching Christmas movies. Christmas morning was spent with my parents and brother, and then we would usually drive to my Aunt and Uncles house for dinner with all my cousins, and in later years, all their kids.  On the drive home from dinner, we would always drive home the scenic way, touring through the neighborhoods with the best Christmas lights. 

Zoo Lights at the Calgary Zoo

Now, living across the country from my family, I have had to create my own holiday traditions, but taking in the best Christmas lights displays that I can find. I have gone to Zoo Lights (at the Calgary Zoo) for the last 3 years and highly recommend going! But last night I was shown an absolutely magical (although obviously on a smaller scale) display that is absolutely free to check out!

Central Park in Spruce Grove, just outside of Edmonton, goes absolutely over the top, decking out every tree in the park with festive lights. There is parking nearby, so grab a hot chocolate and go for a stroll. When the weather is more cooperative, I’ve been informed that there is also skating around the perimeter of the park. I will definitely be back! 

Looking back on the last year…

I will admit it has been awhile since I have posted.

Almost an entire year. 

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing things… In fact it is just the opposite! I have been too busy doing ALL the things. Between working multiple jobs, spending time outside and getting some travelling in, I have been too tired to feel inspired to sit down and write. I even stopped shooting on my DSLR for awhile there. But the last couple months have allowed me to slow down, gather my life together and start to feel creative again. Let me catch you up on my last year…


Oh yeah so… my hair is varying shades of red/pink/purple now

Highlights of my year:

  • Traveled to Ontario to see my family in January. And August. And heading back again in a couple of weeks
  • Participated in my third Calgary Firefighter Stairclimb in April
  • Completed my training as swiftwater rescue technician in May
  • Got my class 2 drivers license in May
  • Completed ITLS (International Trauma and Life Support) also in May
  • Trained my ass off for, and competed in my first ever Firefit competition in June (it was a disaster LOL)
  • Worked as a canoe guide for the summer
  • Broke my thumb, three ribs and re-dislocated my knee between April and August
  • Roadtripped around the west coast with my family
  • Started working (super casually but LOVE it!) at Canmore Brewing
  • And have basically been all over Alberta in the last 6 months or so.

It has honestly been a wild year, in so many ways. I am working on doing some writing, catching up on all the amazing places I have been and things that I have seen and am trying to get settled into a better schedule for writing. Its so easy to let writing slip, and then you look at how long it’s been since you’ve posted anything, and you feel so bad that you don’t want to post anything… Its a vicious circle that leads to more procrastination. But I am here. I’m back and better than ever!