A Bow Valley Summer Tradition

Floating the Bow River is a long standing tradition for permanent and seasonal residents of the Bow Valley. You go out, buy some sort of floating device, hop in the river and off you go. This is lots of fun if you a)know the river and b)are okay with getting wet. But if you want to float the Bow in comfort and style, then Canmore Raft Tours is the way to do it.


A locally owned company, Canmore Raft Tours can be found downtown Canmore at their Raft Shack during the day, located across the street from Rocky Mountain Bagel company by the Settlers Cabin.  They run 1 hour tours several times a day, as well as my favorite tour, the two hour scenic float every evening (Bonus: The evening tour features a hot tea or coffee as well as locally sourced treats). All tours start downtown Canmore and you get shuttled back to the starting point, making this easy for anyone to do.


On these float trips, the Guide does all the work.



You get to see a side of the Bow Valley that is only accessible from the river.



There is lots of wildlife to be seen from the river!





They even do dog friendly trips!

I am constantly in awe of the wildlife that they see and manage to photograph or film. A couple of weeks ago, a black bear swam across the river in front of the boat and just a few days ago, a coyote was on the river bank as they passed by!

Check out the video of the coyote here.


Check out the black bear video here.

Looking for a great way to enjoy the rest of your summer? Definitely give a float trip a try; I have gone out 3 times now and each time is better than the last!

To keep up with their amazing social media feeds, or to learn more, you can check them out on Facebook or Instagram (@Canmore_Raft_Tours).