Craft Beer

I never used to like beer. Like not at all. It was only about 3 years ago that I started drinking it, and only last summer that I developed a good appreciation for it. Now, I am hooked: I love trying new beers, embracing seasonals and travelling to try new beer and visit awesome breweries. On this section of my blog, I will talk about some of the breweries I have visited and some of my favourite beers. I have visited breweries all over Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario and I am always looking to expand my horizons, so please share your favourite breweries and beers with me!

A Look At Some Of My Favourite Breweries

Tool Shed Brewery


Tofino Brewing Co

Last fall I visited Tofino, out on Vancouver Island for the very first time. One incredibly soggy day found me in the Tofino Brewery, a modern space that feels like a bar in a buddys garage. But with much better beer. They are well known for their Seaweed Stout, a beer made with Bull Kelp.


Whistler Brewing Co

Located in the industrial section of Whistler, this is a definite must-visit if you’re in town! I am a big fan of the Big Sky Uncommon Lager and the Forager is actually a great gluten free beer!


Howe Sound Brewery

Squamish is one of my favourite places in BC. The town is just so beautiful, and there are opportunities for adventure every where you turn. The Howe Sound Brewery is a great place to visit, good food and the beer selection is always interesting!


Big Rock Brewery

Bet you thought Big Rock was just an Alberta thing. So did I until I stumbled across a Big Rock Brewery in Vancouver while looking for MEC. I was pleasantly surprised so I stopped for lunch and was delighted to discover that along with making good beer, they make a wicked BBQ chicken pizza.


Big Rocks Winter Ale is one of my all time favourite beers. 1510735_10208468475619147_2830496894553830632_n946480_10208468425097884_6829423730106862518_n12509239_10208468425857903_7463047572883166511_n

Granville Island Brewery

Granville is another one of my all time favourite breweries. They make so many incredible beers. One of my favourites from them is Hey Day, a beer that tastes exactly like banana bread. No joke. Their Lions’ Winter Ale is pretty fantastic, as is the Maple Shack Cream Ale. Granville Island itself is a neat place to wander around and explore. Its one of my favourite places in Vancouver for night photography.


Arrowhead Brewing

I visited Invermere, BC for the first time a back at the beginning of March and got to check another brewery off of my Beer Bucket List. Arrowhead brewing is pretty much exactly what I expected based on their label artwork. The building was bright blue, the cozy assortment of seating inside included lime green couches and assorted wooden chairs and there was a pretty cool assortment of brewery swag for sale.


3 thoughts on “Craft Beer

  1. You need to plan a trip to the New England area of the States for craft beer/climbing/outdoor adventure. Between Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine you could stay very busy on all accounts!

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